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Trackless trains can be found at many different venues

Trackless trains (also referred to as land trains, trams, or road trains) are articulated vehicles used for public transport on paved surfaces without rails. A trackless train typically consists of a tractor unit pulling one or more articulated carriages similar to road-going railway trains. Carriages may either be roofed over or open with various levels of interior comfort features. They may sometimes use an internal combustion engine power source; more frequently however they use electric propulsion, similar to many modern buses.
Trackless trains can be found at many different venues, but are especially common at amusement parks and other tourist spots. Trackless trains can also be hired out for events like birthday parties or corporate functions; usually driven by experienced drivers and tailored specifically for any need imaginable; often decorated with lights to make the train even more attractive, they even appear similar to nineteenth-century locomotives!
Trackless trains tend to be slower and less powerful than railroad transportation; however, they offer reliable transportation alternatives in areas with poor infrastructure or difficult terrain. Trackless trains are generally operated by private companies but government services may also be provided.
Recently, several cities have implemented trackless train systems into their urban transport networks. While trackless trains usually replace traditional buses for urban transport needs, they can also supplement existing rail services or be used as tourist attractions along scenic routes. Trackless trains also play an integral part in airport services where trackless trains transport baggage between terminals and parking areas.
Autonomous Rail Rapid Transit, or ART, is one of the latest developments in trackless train technology that promises to revolutionize sustainable transport. This futuristic train can run along virtual tracks painted onto roads and can navigate obstacles on its path autonomously - promising cost savings compared to building and maintaining conventional tracks.
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